Miley Cyrus Give a Gifts for Her tattoo Maker


New York - Miley Cyrus seems not quite satisfied with the tattoos they have. He was back in his body to carve a new image.

Wrecking Ball ‘singer spent the rest of the tour Bangerz to meet her regular tattoo, Bang Bang, in New York City. He went back to his left arm tattooed with the image of a crescent moon.

Quoted by Contactmusic, Wednesday (06/08/2014), Miley then replied `perbuatan` Bang Bang by designing his signature on the thumb of the tattoo shop owner. He also showed off the artwork to social media, Instagram.

In the picture he wrote the title, `denganbangbangnyc` BFF tattoos. While Bang Bang share pictures of Miley and wrote, `I turnmileycyrus so the tattoo artist ini`.

The session is not over carve turns. The 21-year singer also paid tribute to the Flaming with a tattoo bearing the words `Love Yer Brain` which was the title song of the 1987 era.

This is the umpteenth time, Miley Cyrus smooth body tattooing. Lastly, in memory of his dog, he was painting with ink on his body

Ebola Top List on Google Search


If you pay attention to the news recently, you may have heard that some countries in West Africa is currently working hard to fight the deadly virus called Ebola. In development for the past week, the virus apparently spread not only in the village but has entered the urban.

So far, three hospitals in New York, the United States has been isolated and tested as there are patients with suspected Ebola infection. The average patient experiencing symptoms such as fever, indigestion, headaches and travel to the West African countries.

Given recent developments worsens, the following questions were asked most number of people on the Google website. And to make it more clear answer reader questions, we quote the statement of virus experts like Chris Basler, Ph.D. of Icahn School of Medicine in New York City; and Prof. Tim Lahey, MD, a specialist in infectious diseases and microbiology and immunology expert at Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine, as quoted Womenshealth

1. How Ebola spreads?

Ebola virus spreads from person to person through contact with body fluids of an infected person. Body fluids such as blood is infected, pus, sweat and saliva.

2. In an incubation period of 21 days, if the virus can be transmitted?

Yes, it takes 21 days from the time of exposure until you feel symptoms. But still, in those days, the virus will not be transmitted.

3. Body fluids such as what can pass on?

Sweat, vomit, semen, breast milk, saliva and all body fluids.

4. Ebola can be transmitted sexually as well?

There is some evidence that transmission of the virus can occur after an individual recovers from the infection. So they clinically appear better, but in the body there is still a virus in semen and it’s never been a case example. In order to avoid the virus, Dr. Lahey recommends the use of a condom during intercourse.

5. Justify this deadly virus?

Mortality rate of 60 to 90 percent of it may not apply in the United States or Europe. Because the actual cause of death from Ebola is the virus that causes organ failure is very difficult to treat.

While in countries that have a full ICU care may be much better prepared to prevent that.

6. Thus, the deadly ebola because of what?

In addition to bleeding, people who died from ebola so far due to damage to organs, such as kidneys.

7 .Is it true that doctors who take care of ebola should not be returned to their home country?

Until now, the American government still allow residents to return. All necessary precautions and transmission also still be anticipated.

8. Ebola is a serious public health problem. What if the disease is transmitted to other countries?

Know, this virus is transmitted through close contact between individuals. So maybe it’s good to know the early symptoms of ebola and the risk of transmission, such as whether the patient had visited the country are infected or not and so on.

9. What can we do to prevent this virus?

If you meet people at risk, use of protective equipment such as face masks or long clothing. Also use gloves to avoid direct contact with patients.

10. What happens to patients who are put in isolation?

Because Ebola is transmitted through bodily fluids, the patient will be placed in a private room with the door closed. That is enough.

Some diseases such as tuberculosis, measles, chicken pox may be difficult due to the spread of the virus through the air. But for Ebola, a room with a closed door just enough.

Maldonado Williams Leave No Regrets


SILVERSTONE - Although until now Pastor Maldonado has not scored a point even for PERGELARAN Formula One (F1) 2014 which was held eight series, the drivers do not regret this Lotus to migrate from Williams early last season.

Events this year such as back to what happened in last season, it was still Maldonado Williams and only managed to earn five points for the season. While Lotus last season several times showed excellent performance and compete for race wins in a few.

This season turned around, now Lotus where Maldonado is now experiencing hard times. 29-year-old racer is not even in the order of 10 large Finis for eight series of superbly F1 rolling.

Meanwhile, Williams, who digawangi by Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas has set foot on the podium. Precisely at last draw F1 Grand Prix (GP) Austria where both Finis sequentially at position three and four.

Even so, the original driver Venezuela refuses regret the decision he has made. “Yes, I left Williams as Lotus is a team that is in the order of four large, can even reach the top three positions. This is a team and have a car, sponsors, atmosphere, and good results, “says Maldonado, on Planet F1, Saturday (07/05/2014).

“I have been at Williams for three seasons and last season I started to hesitate because they do not do a lot of repairs. It is also the right time for me to leave Williams and try something new. I decided to move to Lotus and I’m very happy at Lotus, “he recalls.

Matteo Achilli, the “Italian Mark Zuckerberg”


Success at a young age would be proud. One is Matteo Achilli, 22 year-old Italian man will soon bring its online recruitment companies into the global sphere in the next month.

Companies established when he was 19 years old named Egomnia. Along with the development of the business, the name Achilli juxtaposed with Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, by an influential magazine in Italy and earned the nickname Italian Zuckerberg‘.

Although still a business student, Achilli has formed a partnership with a large company that is Google and Microsoft. As well as having clients such as Vodafone, Bulgari, Generali, and Ericsson. Sometimes I forget that I was 22 years old,” said Achilli, as reported by the BBC

Egomnia The initial idea was to give a rating to the company, so that job seekers can figure out how to fit them to the company. A simple idea, but unfortunately it is not easy to be realized by a school kid with limited funds.

Unfortunately in Italy there is not an ecosystem of venture capitalists and incubators. So I started alone,” said Achilli.

Achilli was initially approached the professional programmer to create an algorithm, but was canceled because of high costs of 100 thousand euros. Then he asked for help from a number of computer science students to pay much cheaper. This money was given by his father